Sat. May 21st, 2022

One year after OnePlus boldly stepped into the low-end and mid-range smartphone market with its original OnePlus Nord, it’s back with another mid-budget smartphone with the OnePlus Nord CE. For anyone who was concerned about the lack of processing power in the first two models, this is a good device to have. However, many other people might question whether it’s worth buying it, given that the second one is more than a year old. That in the face of the name suggests it’s not as powerful as its predecessors, but the long story starts with its clean interface and unique OxygenOS software. In a nutshell, what you get from this phone is an affordable smartphone with great value for money. OnePlus Nord CE

One of the major advantages of buying a smartphone these days is the ability to use a manufacturer-vowed ‘white glove’ experience – that is, to buy something with a fully functional manufacturer’s skin, without having to rely on third-party add-ons or mess with system settings. This was one of the major drawbacks of smartphones with skins: they often don’t let you do anything unless you use them, which means that you’re stuck with whatever they’ve made for you. The one with the OnePlus Nord CE doesn’t have that same problem. It still allows you to use almost all of the stock Android experience, but also allows you to bypass most of the system settings and use the stock application manager (with a few simple button press switches).

The real strength of the Oxygen OS in the OnePlus Nord CE comes from the phone’s multi-purpose capabilities – that means there are two things you can do with it. The first is a neat trick that helps users conserve power, and reduces the drain on their batteries. A regular USB power adapter gives the phone an extra boost, letting you get quick work done on the go. But when you want to really save battery power, the one with the 2.5mm headphone jack can let you do that while still charging your phone via USB.

The second is that the phone has such a large amount of user-space and control options that it’s easy to implement a custom UI. There are many ways to customize the Oxygen OS, and the OnePlus software provides support for a number of them, including elegant widgets for navigation and status, themes and icons, built-in contacts and text-to-speech engine. You can even create your own profile, which gives you access to an inbox, a chat room, a media library, and a user directory. The one big feature missing is an app for the Maps application, but the developers promise that one is soon to arrive. In a world where smartphone use for everything from work to playing music to connecting with your social networks has become common, it’s nice to have one function left out.

The device’s build quality and solidity also score big points. One notable complaint about smartphones in the past has been the tendency for them to fall apart after some use. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with the OnePlus Nord CE. It has a hardy build that will easily last through regular use. It’s also made available in a lucrative price so that it’s affordable to most buyers.

The question that may linger is, how long will it take to get a handset like this if you buy it at its starting price? That’s something that you’ll need to see for yourself as the product is still in the development stages. We’ve seen plenty of high-tech phones make their debut on the market over recent months, and many of them have been priced beyond the reach of many budgets. The thing about smartphones, however, is that they’re great value for money. They offer the same range of functionality that big brand names can only dream about, for a lot less. If you want a smartphone that will help you get the job done, without costing you an arm and a leg, the OnePlus Nord CE is the phone for you.

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