Do Most People Cheat On Medifast?

I get a lot of emails in which the main topic is cheating on Medifast. People really want to know how common this practice is, how many people do it, how often it occurs and if it affects your results. I heard from someone who said: “approximately how many people cheat on Medifast? Because I don’t hear a lot of people admitting to this. Being a realist though who has been on a lot of diets, I tend to think that at least some of the people on the diet must cheat. How many do? Are the cheaters in the majority or the minority?” I’ll tell you my take on this in the following article.

As this person stated, there isn’t a lot of documentation on this topic. I think that is because not everyone is going to freely admit to cheating or not complying on the diet. Frankly, the only people who I can speak for is myself and others that I know on this diet. Luckily, I do know a good number of people and most of them are honest. It’s my very unscientific opinion from my own observations that most people have instances where they cheat a little bit. And by this I mean that they might go off of the diet for a meal or two. Sometimes, it is just unavoidable. Sometimes, you forget your food. Other days, you just want a break. Sometimes you are celebrating and just want to feel like every one else. I believe that most people realize that these special occasions are perfectly fine, as long as they don’t become a daily habit. free hacks

Another way that people cheat is that they tweak the food to their own liking. I will no problem whatsoever freely admitting that this became a regular habit for me, especially at first. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker to add a little fat free whipped cream to the shakes or to put some fat free cheese on top of the chili. So if you consider these little tweaks to make the food more to your likely really and truly cheating, then I suspect a good bit of people participate in this type of tweaking. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this if you found that it slowed or affected your results, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

When some people ask about cheating, I think they are envisioning really breaking the rules to a huge degree every single day. Of course, I have taken free days in the past and I don’t think this is uncommon. But, I don’t make a habit of not trying to comply most days. Because I would worry that doing so would begin to affect my results and negate all of the hard word I did to remain in compliance. And no one wants that. So, to answer the question posed, I would say that the amount of people cheating on Medifast depends on how you define cheating. I don’t think it’s uncommon to take off a day every once in a while. Nor do I think it’s uncommon to doctor up the foods. But, I would like to think it’s not as common for people to go off the diet or to not comply on a very regular or daily basis. Quite honestly, I think that most people experiment to see if they can make the diet work for them while not affecting their results. Many are able to find that happy medium where this is possible for them. So if you consider that to be cheating, then I would say this practice is pretty common

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